What Are Heavy Haul Services?

March 21, 2023

The logistics industry is vast, with companies providing a multitude of services that help businesses transport all types of cargo all over the globe.

The sector we’ll be focusing on today is called heavy haul. This is an important sector, as it deals with (as the name suggests) heavy items that need to be transported. 

However, heavy can mean dangerous as well. It goes without saying that heavy haul services need to be safe, streamlined, and professionally planned.

Let’s take a deeper look at what heavy hauling entails.

What is Heavy Haul Logistics?

Heavy haul is the transportation of overweight, overdimensional items by securing the item(s) to a specialized trailer. The trailer is then hauled by a semi-truck, driven by a certified truck driver who has plenty of experience with these types of high-maintenance loads.

Items that fall under the heavy haul category weigh in excess of 55,000 lbs. This can include the following types of goods:

  • Construction equipment
  • Wind turbines
  • Houses
  • Military equipment
  • Machinery
  • Building materials
  • Vehicles

These oversized loads generally need a trailer/truck with multiply axles for optimal pilling power. The trailer is open, meaning it features a deck with no walls or ceiling. This makes it easier to load/unload specialized cargo, and offers more flexibility for securing it down.

5 Most Common Types of Heavy Haul Trailers

  • Flatbed, step-deck and double-drop trailers: these types of trailers provide extra clearance for items with extraordinary weight and height requirements.
  • Extendable flatbed trailers: Can extend to 65 ft. to accommodate extremely long items.
  • Removable gooseneck trailers (RGNs): This type of trailer features a king-pin gooseneck that attaches to the truck, but can be removed from the trailer deck. This makes it easier to load/unload oversized items.
  • Extendable RGNs: This type of trailer expands to hold extra-long items, such as concrete poles or wind turbines.
  • Lowboy trailers with outriggers: This is used to extend the width of a trailer to accommodate wider than normal loads. Outriggers are usually 96″ or 102″ wide.

Who Needs Heavy Haul Services?

Heavy haul services are beneficial for businesses with overdimensional products, because not only is the equipment important, but also the expertise. Drivers who transport these loads have the certifications and safety records to plan the best routes and haul safely. 

They can also offer advice on the best way to package/secure heavy cargo to reduce the risk of damages.

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What Are Heavy Haul Services?
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