Safety Measures to Take With Heavy Haul Rigging Services

November 22, 2022

The heavy haul sector of logistics is complex without a doubt. After all, how else do you think heavy, oversized objects such as machinery, materials, and shipping containers get moved?

It takes an experienced team of experts to handle these types of loads safely, and to do so they utilize lifting and rigging services.

As mentioned, safety is paramount to get oversized loads transported, so it’s vital for shippers to familiarize themselves with the measures that must be taken to ensure success. We highlight these safety measures below!

Communication & Training

Whether you’re looking for rigging services in San Diego or are looking for ways to enhance safety for your own team, communication is always the No.1 priority to minimize workplace hazards. Invest in equipment that makes it easy to communicate quickly, such as walkie talkies, radios, or whistles. Even good ol’ fashioned hand signals make a difference. 

Implement training to go over operations and procedures. If you’re looking for rigging services, check if the company priorities training for its employees.

Check Outrigger Positions

Before work can begin, it’s important to survey the area and inspect machinery to ensure everything is working properly and ground conditions are stable. Training can be used to teach machinery operators how to safely assemble outrigger equipment, including perimeter techniques and how to use safety nets.

Choosing the Best Machines for the Job

It goes without saying that every load is different. Having a wide variety of equipment to choose from ensures a proper fit for any type of load. It also enhances safety considerably.

It takes consistent training and experience for a rigging team to help customers pick the right machines to hoist, rig, and move an oversized load without issue. They must know how to calculate the total weight of not just the load itself, but also the chains, materials, and hooks that are used.

It’s also important that they understand how to create strong knots/hitches and connect ropes or slings correctly.

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Safety Measures to Take With Heavy Haul Rigging Services
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