5 Unique Industries That Rely on Heavy Hauling Services

March 22, 2023

We’ve all seen oversized loads being escorted onto the highway. Trucks pull some of the most incredible pieces of equipment. It’s common to observe them hauling construction materials to a job site or even large items such as a mobile home or a massive statue.

However, heavy haul is an extensive sector in logistics, and relied upon by a number of highly important industries responsible for the advancement of our country’s infrastructure.

In this post, we share 5 unique industries that might give you ideas for loads if you’re a heavy hauler. If you’re a shipper, you might find the services you’re looking for right here, as Bill Signs provides heavy hauling for numerous complex industries.


Every wonder how those massive airplanes get built? Trucks haul all of the necessary parts, including aircraft engines, pistons, helicopter parts, raw materials, cylanders, and more. 

Wind Energy

When you look at a towering wind turbine, you might wonder how on earth something so huge could possibly fit onto a truck trailer. The fact is, each part is broken down to be hauled efficiently, and heavy haul experts know exactly what to do and the equipment to use to ensure safety. Trucks can haul everything, including the turbines, blades, and wind energy equipment.

US Military and Defense

The government needs trucking services just like any other business. Hauling for the government means being certified as a contractor. In this industry, there is much to be hauled, including construction materials, military machinery and vehicles, and classified loads that require the utmost precision and security.

Mining Equipment

Drilling rigs, dump trucks, excavators…these are all heavy pieces of mining equipment that need to be hauled by a truck. What makes this industry special is that truckers have to drive to some of the most remote locations, where route planning can be tricky with such complex loads.

Oil and Gas

We tend to forget how much we take oil and gas for granted, but if it wasn’t for trucks, we wouldn’t have it readily available at stations across the country. What is unique about these loads is the composition. Oil and gas also fall under HAZMAT, meaning they are considered hazardous. Truckers need to be extra cautious when transporting these materials and have the correct certifications to do so.

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5 Unique Industries That Rely on Heavy Hauling Services
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