4 Tips to Choosing the Best Open Deck Trailer for Your Oversized Load

April 3, 2023

Heavy haul loads require proper care, especially where packaging, loading and unloading is concerned. Shippers need to be able to access the load easily without incurring damages or losing valuable time.

Having the right equipment on hand is crucial to ensuring a load is safely secured and ready to go. Since over dimensional cargo is heavy or may have unusual dimensions, there are several different types of trailers with features that make each one suited to hauling specific types of items.

If you’re new to heavy haul shipping, you may not know where to start when selecting the best trailer for your delivery. In this blog post, we share our most strategic tips for making the most economical choice.

How Big is Your Load?

Of course, choosing a trailer ultimately comes down to the unique requirements of the load you are hauling. You need to know the physical weight and dimensions of the item, which should include the extra weight of any packaging materials.

Check Loading and Offloading Details

One of the important factors for choosing a trailer is recognizing the amenities available at the loading and offloading sites. If you’re utilizing a loading dock, you’ll want to consider whether your trailer is aligned with the dock to avoid challenging transloading that can be time consuming and risky. 

If your oversized load requires different transloading strategies, you’ll want to plan this first and then choose your equipment according to the logistics of your delivery.

Watch the Weather

Part of route planning is taking note of anything unexpected that can cause delays with a delivery. For heavy haul, weather is a big part, especially since the standard flatbed trailer is completely open. 

With no roof or walls, cargo is exposed to the elements. When choosing an open trailer, also take into account the routes and regions you'll be traveling and the road conditions.

Trailer Size and Axles

Finally, you’ll want to look at the most cost effective trailer size and number of axles for your load. Sometimes, larger isn’t always better, as large trailers tend to carry higher upfront costs.

There’s also the question of heavy haul permits, which differs from state to state, depending on the size of your trailer and load. Toll roads may charge fees based on the number of axles, so this is important to note during the route planning phase.

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4 Tips to Choosing the Best Open Deck Trailer for Your Oversized Load
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