4 Tips for Choosing the Best Heavy Hauler for Your Load

November 21, 2022

From construction materials to giant wind turbines, companies utilize the expertise of heavy haulers to get valuable oversized items moved from one point to another safely.

It’s a complex endeavor with no room for error. One delay or damage can be costly, which is why it’s paramount to choose a reputable heavy haul service that will take care of your shipment with professionalism.

Need to find the best heavy haul company in California? We share our most valuable tips of what to look for when making your decision.

1.Start with a Budget

One way to immediately weed out heavy haulers that aren’t the right fit for your business is to make a budget plan and stick to it. Call companies in your area and ask for a quote on the services you need. Check that every line item is included, so there aren’t any surprise costs.

2. Do They Have the Equipment You Need?

Every load is different, especially specialized items that might require more than the standard trucks and equipment to be transported efficiently. When seeking out a heavy haul company, inquire about the types of machinery they use for loading and handling. 

Are the trucks regularly maintained and fit for service? How about hoisting and rigging services? 

Variety is key here, and an established heavy hauler will have a wide assortment of trucks and equipment to choose from.

3. Snoop Customer Reviews

Don’t be shy…customer service is highly important and it’s smart to do your homework on a heavy haul company before calling them up. This can easily be done by reading online reviews, or you can get personal recommendations by word of mouth. 

4. Safety is Always First

Heavy hauling is no joke and requires the utmost safety and precision. When checking out companies, don’t forget to ask about insurance, permits, and certifications. The heavy hauler you go with should be in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.

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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Heavy Hauler for Your Load
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