3 Biggest Benefits of Transloading Services

March 1, 2024

Transloading in logistics is one of the most important services, especially where intermodal is concerned. This is the “in-between” time when cargo must be moved from one mode of transportation to another. 

For example, the main ways to transport cargo is via ship, truck, and rail. Any combination of these modes can be used to complete the delivery from start to finish.

When multiple modes are used, transloading helps get the cargo moved efficiently. It sounds simple, but it’s actually more in-depth. Time and money are on the line, plus the more goods are lifted and shifted, the higher the risk of damages.

That’s why a solid transloading team is essential to have on hand, as these professionals know the most efficient ways to package, lift, and store all types of items, palletized or not.

Here are 3 other huge benefits of transloading services.

  1. Transloading Promotes Cost-Effective Shipping Practices

Transloading makes it possible for shippers to utilize multiple modes of transport, and this can greatly reduce costs associated with fuel spending. For example, many shippers will use rail for long distances, which doesn’t use as much fuel and can haul larger quantities at once. When the freight is closer to its destination, it can be transloaded onto trucks for short distance travel.

  1. Optimizes the Supply Chain

Another perk of transloading is if storage facilities at major destinations are utilized. Transloading storage facilities stock items closer to customers, saving time on having to ship multiple products to multiple locations at once. The customer is happy because they get their orders faster, and shippers are happy because they enjoy a more efficient supply chain.

  1. You Can Expand Your Reach

Since transloading allows shippers to take advantage of multiple modes of transportation, this also allows them to expand their business to new areas they might not have been able to access before, particularly overseas. Remember, transloading isn’t just between truck and rail- it includes ships as well!

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3 Biggest Benefits of Transloading Services
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