Specialized Welding

Find professional welding services for commercial vehicles at Bill Signs Trucking in California! Our team of expert welders can handle any type of project, specializing in trucks and hauling equipment.


At Bill Signs Trucking we offer more than just mechanical repairs. Our 5 acre lot is eauipped with the advanced technology, tools, and parts to provide customized fabrication and top notch welding. It's your one-stop shop for all of your vehicle's needs!

Our welding services include everything you need to complete any custom or revitalize work, including frame wleding, precision components, aluminum trailer repairs, hitch replacement/repair, trailer light wiring, and more.

If you need emergency welding, we are right there to offer support- even roadside. At Bill Signs, we want you to know that you only need to go to one place to get the supreme service you deserve, at the very best rates.


Need repairs? Have a custom job in mind? Give us a call. Our professional welders can take a look and outline a plan that will trnasofrm your truck and give you peace of mind!

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